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Steroids Dealer To Famous Footballers Murdered

June 6, 2008

Dealer That Threatened To Name Names Silenced

David Jacobs

A convicted steroids dealer, David Jacobs, who agreed to give the National Football League in America the names of players using illegal performance enhancing substances to bulk up, was fatally shot in his Texas home.

David Jacobs’s girlfriend Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell

His bodybuilder girlfriend, Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell, was also found dead from gunshot wounds. Police are investigating and refuse to comment if the gruesome murders were executed in a bid to silence him.

Convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs found dead in Plano

Thursday, June 5, 2008 – Convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs, who recently agreed to tell the NFL which football players received banned substances he manufactured, was found shot dead in his Plano home this morning.

The body of Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell, 30, and a gun were also found at the home. Mr. Jacobs and Ms. Earhart-Savell had been engaged in the past, and had broken off and re-established their relationship several times.


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