Hillary Clinton Finally Ending Her Campaign

June 6, 2008

…A Few Months Too Late

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has finally decided to end her elongated campaign and bow out of the 2008 U.S. presidential race that she lost by a significant margin.

I’m sure certain people are thinking it’s a shame she did not come to this conclusion a few months ago, as it would have saved the Democratic Party and her top rival, the official nominee, Barack Obama, a lot of time and energy, not to mention roughly $40 million dollars in campaign money that was wasted fighting her, which could have been used towards the general election.

As I wrote previously, the Democratic Party is short on money and Hillary Clinton is greatly to blame for that. They would have more cash reserves had Obama not had to spend so much money in fighting off Hillary, after her bid reached a point it was was deemed non-winnable.

Furthermore, staying in the race this long when one’s party has so much to lose is selfish. The public has known for quite sometime, the math had reached a point, where it would not compute into a win for Clinton.

Barack Obama

She made women look like whiney, excuse making basket cases that irrationally don’t know when to graciously accept defeat.

If this race had been a relationship, you would have been stalking Obama after he broke up with you and moved on, laying in wait in the bushes outside his house.

Not to mention, it use to be the Republican Party caught up in occasional race based scandals, branded sometime Negrophobes, yet Hillary reversed the order in what she and Bill said, and with the various racially charged items her campaign unearthed.

John McCain

Obviously, someone never learned to count the cost of one’s actions. McCain owes you a great deal of thanks, Hillary.

Clinton ending candidacy, supporting Obama

WASHINGTON (AP) – Her path to the nomination inevitable no more, Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to announce she is ending her groundbreaking candidacy and supporting Barack Obama, her rival in a presidential quest for the ages.

Clinton prepared to declare Saturday that she is backing the Illinois senator after Democratic congressional colleagues made clear they had no stomach for a protracted intraparty battle once Obama secured the 2,118 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination.


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