Site Update

June 4, 2008

NOTE: The hacker from this case who is connected to Madonna through business records damaged the web sites again, which has made them slow to load and difficult to view. He “changed the permissions” on the sites locking me and the hosting company out. Not even the hosting company could see my sites though they are on their servers. We are working to fix the problem. Said hacker is angry about last night’s Madonna article on the Judiciary Report site and the update about her copyright thefts here.

It’s amazing, she and her thoughtless friend Sharon Stone, who hosted a benefit with her in Cannes, can go around saying any old terrible thing, yet I am not entitled to free speech, though it is the law. That’s what her hacker’s behavior says when they consistently try to take down my sites, inconveniencing many, because her ego can’t take what’s written on them. How hypocritical, shameful and pathetic.

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