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Metropolitan Police Under Fire For Ignoring Warnings Murdered Teen Was In Danger

June 4, 2008

15-Year-Old Murdered After Met Police Ignored Complaint

Mother grieving for her 15-Year-Old daughter Arsema Dawit

The Metropolitan Police in London are in trouble again. A 15-year-old girl, Arsema Dawit’s, was murdered by a stalker, days after the police ignored a formal complaint from her family.

She was being stalked and harassed by a man that had beaten her and threatened to kill her. Her family lodged a complaint with the Met Police, they did nothing, which clearly empowered her stalker, and he viciously stabbed the 15-year-old girl to death. They found many stab wounds and a broken off knife still stuck in her body.

It’s amazing, someone files a complaint against a perpetrator, listing the crimes they’ve been committing against a minor of all people – that was beaten and issued a death threat – and you sit on your behinds and allow the lunatic to go back days later and murder the child. Unbelievable! My condolences to her family.

Many Britons have publicly complained in the papers and online, regarding how the police interact with them and stories such as Arsema, brings home the point that not enough is being done to protect victims.

I can’t say I’m surprised at what happened. When I lodged a complaint regarding Madonna’s criminal conduct against me, the Met Police took the tip about the very company I said had been engaging in illegal wiretapping in tandem with her, made arrests of a few of their employees six months after, yet deferred my case to the FBI (though Madonna is commissioning crimes from British shores that’s been witnessed by many).

The inaction empowered her to think commissioned attempted murder was the way to get rid of a serious legal problem of her own making, in the very same form of misconduct that was LATER revealed as having happened to others at Madonna’s PI’s hands’, Anthony Pellicano. Clearly, it’s just their way.

My case was deferred to the same FBI headquarters that let 3,000 Americans and world citizens die in 9/11 and dozens of Britons die in 7/7, though they had very credible advance warning and evidence showing what was about to happen in each case.

Is there any wonder terrorists are as bumptious and confident as they are. Terrorists issue more threats and “talk more trash” than rappers. Their attitude is, what are you gonna do about it. Why? with incompetence and criminal negligence like that emanating from leaders in law enforcement, they must feel pretty safe…a lot safer than victims do.

Murdered schoolgirl: Police ‘ignored warnings she was being harassed by church stalker’

Last updated at 3:13 PM on 03rd June 2008 – Ignored: The teenager’s family had warned police she was being stalked before she was killed but no action was taken

The family of a schoolgirl allegedly stabbed to death by a stalker she met at church repeatedly told police she was being harassed but were ignored, it was claimed today.

Arsema Dawit’s mother went to police several times for help to stop the obsessed man bothering her daughter but was told they could not do anything to protect her, according to a family friend.

The 15-year-old’s bloodied body, still in her school uniform, was discovered by a woman and her nine-year-old daughter in the lift of a block of flats where she lived yesterday.

A blade was still sticking out of her side when her body was found. The attack was so violent that part of the handle had snapped off.

We are going to complain about this (the police handling of their concerns),’ he said. ‘He beat her and threatened to kill her.’

Police sources have confirmed officers investigated a complaint of assault on Arsema in April. It is understood that no one was arrested.

A spokesman from Scotland Yard said: ‘It has been established that Arsema and the suspect knew each other but the exact nature of their relationship is unclear at this stage.

‘Police did receive an allegation of assault made by Arsema and her family in April this year, an ongoing investigation was set up and contact was made with the victim with a view to further progressing that investigation.’


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