Madonna Slammed By Press

June 4, 2008

Lies About Plastic Surgery


No talent Madonna was a real pain in the butt at Cannes, which is quite delusional when the woman is box office poison and her music career has taken a terrible hit as well. Her “Hard Candy” CD has been out for over 5 weeks and only sold 400,000 copies. Even older releases passed it on the charts over the course of the month. It’s her worst selling album.

However, that didn’t stop the entertainment industry’s chief plagiarizer and copyright infringer from somehow thinking and acting like she should be the center of attention at Cannes.

Angelina Jolie

With entertainers like Angelina Jolie present, just how much crack did Madonna smoke when she came to this erroneous conclusion.

Forget the Palme d’Or. The Festival de Cannes’ hometown newspaper – Nice-Matin – gave out its own awards, in the print edition, to famous festival film stars this weekend.

The daily French Riviera newspaper gave Madonna its “Egocentric Award” because she “acted like the whole film festival was organized just for her.”

Madonna Implying She’s Not Had Surgery, But Is Contemplating It (LOL)

Photo comparisons from another site show how her face structure has changed and not in a natural way

When I read the next article I started laughing. Madonna claims she is contemplating plastic surgery. Contemplating? If plastic surgeons gave out frequent flier miles Madonna could travel around the world for free…5 times.

Yes, Madonna, because you were born with one cheek implant bigger than the other. Your eyes aren’t even even anymore.

She’s had numerous surgeries and it shows. Even men know you’ve had plastic surgery. That’s how obvious it is. Her face is looking freakish from the excessive surgery. You overdid it, much like you do with everything.

Madonna contemplates plastic surgery

Monday, June 2 2008, 20:46 BST – Madonna has revealed that she is contemplating plastic surgery.

The 49-year-old told Life & Style magazine that she currently undergoes “oxygen facials” to keep herself looking young.

“‘I swear by oxygen facials, and I’m obsessive about staying out of the sun,” she said. “I’m not against plastic surgery – I’m just against discussing it.”

The pop icon was also quick to quash rumours that she is about to split from husband Guy Ritchie. “I’ve got work to do, children to raise, a husband to please and a world to save,” she said.

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