Warner Bros. Inflated Speed Racer Ticket Sales

June 3, 2008

Go No Speed Racer”

Speed Racer Fallout Continues – Warner Bros Inflated Opening Numbers

Warner Bros. engaged in a trick that Warner Music does often – they inflated their sales numbers to make a flop appear successful or at least not as disastrous.

According to Nikke Finke and others, Warner Bros. first reported the bombtastic “Speed Racer” by the Wachowski brothers, made $21.5 million dollars at the box office during its opening weekend. Turns out it made way less – $18 million and actually came in at #3, not #2.

Emile Hirsch

The movie’s star, Emile Hirsch, was so upset with the flop, he left his agent. The movie’s producer, Joel Silver, one of the worst copyright infringers in Hollywood (stole The Matrix with the Wachowski brothers from Sophia Stewart), is now responsible for the $200 million dollar loss Warner Bros. sustained. His TV show “Moonlight” was also axed in the days following Speed Racer’s flop.

Joel Silver’s fashion sense is positively criminal. Where is the fashion police when you need them.

Next up for Silver is Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie’s criminal copyright infringing film “Rock N Rolla” stolen from my Copyrighted Catalog.

This is Guy Ritchie’s fourth copyright infringing project. He was sued by others for stealing his poorly performing films “Snatch” with Brad Pitt, “Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels,” “Swept Away” and the TV show “Swag.”

wow, don’t they look happy (not)

Guy, don’t hold your breath that “Rock N Rolla” will do anything at the box office or in DVD sales. Clearly, Madonna has taught you stealing from everyone is the way to get ahead in life and it’s cost you your name, dignity and career. As the phrase goes, “God don’t like ugly.”

You’ll just have to settle for being an emasculated male married to a witch that has given you a life of luxury, she dishonorably gained through years of stealing many copyrights and whoring herself out. However long that lasts…

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