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Christian Preachers Harassed By Police

June 1, 2008

Two Christian preachers were harassed and threatened with arrest by West Midlands Police officers in England for peacefully handing out pamphlets about Christianity in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood.

It’s very troubling that the officer discouraged it, stating they risked being beaten if they did so. That would be very uncivil.

Muslim groups have tried to convert people of other faiths. Therefore, why is there any objection to Christians trying to do the same.

They weren’t infringing upon anyone’s rights and they did not disturb the peace. Therefore, ironically, it sounds like the police officer committed a hate crime against the preachers.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, public confidence in the police is very low. Many Britons are upset and feel soft targets are being pursued for minor incidents, some not illegal, while major criminals are getting away. Let’s hope that situation improves.

Middle classes losing faith in ‘rude’ police who go for soft targets instead of the real criminals

30th May 2008 – The middle classes have lost confidence in the police, a stark report has warned.

They fear they have been alienated by a service which routinely targets ordinary people rather than serious criminals, simply to fill Government crime quotas.

The attitude of some officers has also led to spiraling complaints about neglect of duty and rudeness.


Christian preachers face arrest in Birmingham

A police community support officer ordered two Christian preachers to stop handing out gospel leaflets in a predominantly Muslim area of Birmingham.

The evangelists say they were threatened with arrest for committing a “hate crime” and were told they risked being beaten up if they returned.

The incident will fuel fears that “no-go areas” for Christians are emerging in British towns and cities, as the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, claimed in The Sunday Telegraph this year…

Mr Abraham said: “I couldn’t believe this was happening in Britain. The Bishop of Rochester was criticised by the Church of England recently when he said there were no-go areas in Britain but he was right; there are certainly no-go areas for Christians who want to share the gospel.”

Last night, Christian campaigners described the officer’s behaviour as “deeply alarming”.

They said when the officer realised they were American, although both have lived in Britain for many years, he launched a tirade against President Bush and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Cunningham said: “I told him that this had nothing to do with the gospel we were preaching but he became very aggressive.

“He said we were in a Muslim area and were not allowed to spread our Christian message. He said we were committing a hate crime by telling the youths to leave Islam and said that he was going to take us to the police station.”

The preacher refused to give the PCSO his address because he felt the officer’s manner was “threatening and intimidating”.

The ministers claim he also advised them not to return to the area. As he walked away, the PCSO said: “You have been warned. If you come back here and get beaten up, well you have been warned”.

West Midlands Police, who refused to apologise, said the incident had been “fully investigated” and the officer would be given training in understanding hate crime and communication.



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