Madonna Slammed By Young Male Singers

May 31, 2008


While copyright thief Madonna thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread, male artists not on her payroll are calling the bread expired and moldy:

Sam Sappro attacks Madonna

Tuesday, May 27 2008 – “Madonna is wretched at the moment – absolutely vulgar. Put it away! You’re not young and sexy anymore. She went thoughtful and mature for a while, and now she’s chucked it away in some desperate attempt at being hot again. It’s just a bit vile. I definitely think she’s had some work done – like a recent facelift.” The Sun quoted him, as saying in Attitude magazine.

Pigeons singer slams “old woman” Madonna

Pigeon Detectives frontman Matt Bowman has attacked Madonna, saying the popstar’s best days are behind her.

“She had some tunes in her early days but now she just looks like an old woman grasping on to any bit of relevance she can get with all these quirky collaborations. She should have let it go ten years ago. She’d have had more kudos than she does now. She doesn’t need the money and she’s got three or four kids she could be spending time with.”

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