Dems Vow To Wrap Up Nomination Next Month

May 30, 2008

Did Anyone Bother To Tell Hillary That

Hillary Clinton

Democrats Howard Dean, not to be confused with Jimmy Dean, and Nancy Pelosi, not to be confused with Nancy Sinatra, are vowing to wrap up the Democratic nomination by next month.

Nancy Pelosi to Hillary Clinton: In the words of the poet Jim Carrey “move it or lose it sister!” (just kidding)

This news comes in spite of Hillary Clinton’s protests that it go on through August (and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years and Valentine’s Day and Easter).

Top Dems to push for swift end to primary race

WASHINGTON – Top Democratic leaders intend to push for a quick end to the battle for the presidential nomination when primaries are over next week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday, adding that he, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and party chairman Howard Dean will urge uncommitted delegates to choose sides.

“By this time next week, it will all be over give or take a day,” Reid said of the marathon race between the front-running Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama is within 44 delegates of clinching the nomination, according to The Associated Press tally, and leads Clinton by roughly 200 delegates.

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