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“We Are Marshall” Sued For Stealing From Doco

May 29, 2008

Matthew McConaughey Film Hit With Copyright Infringement Suit

The Matthew McConaughey film “We Are Marshall” has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit for copying material from a preexisting, Emmy Award winning documentary about the true story titled “Ashes to Glory.”

I’m not surprised. In watching about 15 minutes of “We Are Marshall” I noticed jokes from other preexisting copyrighted works present in it as well. It’s clear said movie was slapped together using other people’s work.

It’s a dirty old Hollywood trick they use on bio pics to engage in stealing. They sneak in other preexisting copyrighted works without permission, hoping to hide it all under the banner of the project being a true story. Like in the forthcoming Owen Wilson film “Marley and Me.” The Wilson brothers are a real set of degenerate thieves.

Long Trial Anticipated in ‘We Are Marshall’ Infringement Suit

Los Angeles, Calif. (HNN) – Based on the documents filed in federal court in L.A., the copyright infringement suit against the producers of “We Are Marshall” will be a lengthy trial by jury. Although a protective order related to the studio’s financial returns and the salaries of actors and filmmakers has been approved, the litigation continues in the discovery phase.

Deborah Novak, John Witek and Witek & Novak Inc. filed the breach of contract and copyright infringement complaint June 20, 2007 alleging that the “WAM” filmmakers copied material from the Emmy Award winning documentary, “Ashes to Glory.”


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