DNC: Florida And Michigan Can’t Be Fully Seated

May 29, 2008

Hillary’s Out Of Gas

Barack Obama (left) Hillary Clinton (right)

Lawyers for the Democratic party have announced that all of Florida and Michigan’s delegates cannot be seated, as it would be a violation of the DNC’s rules, in light of the fact that both states improperly moved up their primaries.

Unlike Hillary, Obama did not campaign in Michigan and his name was not on the ballot, as all had agreed prior to the primaries that the voting results of Florida and Michigan would be null and void. Therefore, there can be no fair way to address the disenfranchisement of Michigan voters.

Michelle and Barack Obama

DNC lawyers stated the most they could do was seat half the delegates in each state, which still would not give Hillary Clinton the win she desires, as even under that scenario, Obama is still too far ahead.

Dem lawyers: Fla., Mich. can’t be fully restored

May 28, 8:03 AM (ET) – WASHINGTON (AP) – A Democratic Party rules committee has the authority to seat some delegates from Michigan and Florida but not fully restore the two states as Hillary Rodham Clinton wants, according to party lawyers.

Democratic National Committee rules require that the two states lose at least half of their convention delegates for holding elections too early, the party’s legal experts wrote in a 38-page memo.


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