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Bratz vs. Barbie

May 29, 2008

Copyright Infringement And Trade Secret Violation Case

The first time I saw the Bratz dolls I thought they were the low budget, bimbo version of Barbie. Here were these wannabe Barbies with foreheads like Rihanna and the equally skanky dress sense to match. Something wasn’t quite right with them.

Turns out my instincts weren’t so off. Not just about Rihanna being a shameless skank who steals, but that the Bratz dolls are Barbie rip offs.

A lawyer for Mattel has sued MGA Entertainment, the company that produces the Brazt dolls, and in turn, they have countersued. The creator of said infringing dolls, Carter Bryant, was a Mattel employee, that they are alleging “stole the concept” for the Bratz, taking them to another company, MGA Entertainment.

Lawyer contends Mattel owns rights to Bratz dolls

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) — The rights to the popular Bratz doll franchise belong to Mattel Inc., not a rival toymaker that stole the concept that became a global darling among consumers, a lawyer for Mattel said Tuesday.

Attorney John Quinn made the claim during his opening statement in the federal copyright infringement trial pitting Mattel against MGA Entertainment Inc., the maker of the urban-themed Bratz dolls.

Quinn contended that Mattel, the world’s largest toymaker, owns the rights to the fashion dolls because designer Carter Bryant created the concept while employed at Mattel.


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