Madonna And Guy Ritchie On The Rocks

May 27, 2008

Couple caught fighting in public again – Guy Ritchie gives his crazy wife hateful stare

Rumors abound that the marriage of copyright infringer Madonna and her husband director Guy Ritchie are on the rocks. Madonna’s emasculating ways and insistence on all things Kabbalah, coupled with Ritchie actively cheating on her with another woman, are believed to be the cause.

Of course, their rep denies there is any tension or trouble, but the pictures and their conduct speaks volumes. Of course, not being able to admit she ruined his life when she tried to get him to turn her into a movie star, after almost two decades of being panned by just about every film critic in existence, couldn’t have helped.

Not to mention, making him nutty via Kabbalah, insisting he incorporate the cult into his rip off films that later flopped (he’s been sued by 4 different people for separate acts of copyright infringement) and the ridicule and humiliation she brought him, couldn’t have helped either.

Tania Strecker

Guy Ritchie is also said to be still hung up on his former girlfriend, Tania Strecker, pardon the pun. She recently married into the wealthy Rothschild family.

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