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Democrats Trying To Shut Hillary Clinton Down

May 27, 2008

“Democrats Give Obama More Delegates”

Obama Only 49 Delegates Away From Nomination – Hillary Over 200 Away

Obama and the Obamettes

The Democrats sent Hillary Clinton a very strong message this week – it’s time to call it a day. They gave Obama more superdelegates, boosting his totals. He is now only 49 delegates away from the nomination.

Upon realizing where this was going, Hillary tried to move the goal post once again, now claiming the DNC’s guideline of 2,026 delegates to win the nomination does not apply.

Hillary loses more ground

How are you just going to invalidate that. Is that how things work in Hillary world? You autocratically null and void things you don’t like. Since when are you over the DNC? Why not just appoint yourself president then, and people won’t even need to vote.

You go ahead and cost them the election, Hillary, and they are going to take turns beating your butt at the convention. The men will let Pelosi and Feinstein WWE you (World Wrestling).

Note: this web site does not advocate or promote violence…*unless it’s the DNC female senators against Hillary. (LOL just kidding).

Dems give Obama more superdelegates

The action, according to the Associated Press tally, gives Obama a total of 1,977 delegates, just 49 delegates short of the 2,026 needed to clinch the nomination. Clinton still has 1,779.


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