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Hillary Hanging On Hoping Obama Gets Killed

May 26, 2008

Obama: she said what!

Hillary Clinton has taken her campaign to new lows. Just two months ago I warned that Hillary needed to concede and stop stretching out this election, as the math had reached a point where a win just wasn’t feasible anymore, and with so many Democratic scandals erupting, “If this thing goes on much longer, what will come out next.” Well, she didn’t listen and something worse came out, damaging the Democratic party.

This time she’s gotten herself into trouble. She made statements, enraging many, illustrating the fact that she is staying in the race in case Obama gets assassinated like Robert F. Kennedy. She not only said it, she spoke it with hope, and a crazy little stare, like she was imagining it.

Hillary daydreaming: I can picture it now!

She is hanging on in a political race with the hopes her top rival, who beat the pants off her, gets assassinated. What did he do to you to deserve that? Did he try to kill you? No. Did he sleep with your daughter? No.

Boy, it makes you wonder about that Clinton Body Count list when you hear things like her latest statements. I told you she was dangerous. She has an evil mind.

Here it is, I and many others are hoping the election doesn’t escalate into violence, yet that appears to be Hillary’s plan B to win the race.

Wow, you can tell she really hates him.

Kennedys Feel Bobby-Socked –Outraged RFK Kin Says Hill’s Now Toast

May 25, 2008 — Members of the Kennedy family are incensed over Hillary Rodham Clinton’s invoking the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy to explain why she’s staying in the race – and they think it could be the death knell of an increasingly desperate and sloppy campaign.

“That comment may be the last nail in her campaign’s coffin,” a Kennedy relative told The Post. “How can Hillary even use the experience argument when she repeatedly pushes the wrong buttons in her comments?”


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