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Web Site Update

May 24, 2008
This is a site notice about AishaMusic.com and its affliated web sites such as JudiciaryReport.com.The commissioned hacker from the Madonna case who has been inextricably linked to her, hacked it and made the sites password protected to prevent people from reading it.

Her hacker in California (based on his IP) is as nutty as she is. Continually hacking the site and trying to take it down only shows the world that you have something to hide and are trying to silence me.

The other day he removed several links to site articles about her because it exposed the fact that she has been ripping off different artists such as Kylie Minogue.

Go Daddy is currently working to fix the problem and the sites will be back shortly.

A Go Daddy rep just told me someone put in for an account change to my web sites to make them password protected, locking everyone out.

However, it certainly wasn’t me, as I haven’t phoned or emailed them for weeks and I am the only person authorized to make changes to the account.

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