Picking Potential VPs

May 24, 2008

Barack and Michelle Obama

Though they aren’t admitting it, the election frontrunners, Barack Obama and John McCain, have been discreetly vetting running mates.

On the Democrat side, people have been suggesting Hillary Clinton (gag), John Edwards and several others. On the Republican side, people have been suggesting Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and others.

Hillary Clinton

I think Obama should pick an intelligent white man to show America his campaign will represent everyone. I think McCain should pick anything that doesn’t politically resemble Dick Cheney.

Really, don’t pick somebody that will make Dick Cheney look like a boy scout and give the nation nightmares with their conduct. I don’t think America could take another Dick Cheney.

John and Cindy McCain

To all involved, black, white, Democrat, Republican, independent, your sole focus should not be helping black people, white people, rich people, poor people – it should be helping everyone. Improving things for everyone. When you zoom in on one demographic, you most likely will fail. Once again, try to make things better for everyone.

Yes, I know it sounds quite altruistic, but if you actually deal fairly with everyone, your chances of achieving the greater good for many is exponentially increased.

To all involved: the answer is no, I am not available as a running mate. Heartbreaking I know, but try to move on with your lives.

(That was a joke).

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