Lindsay Lohan And Lesbian Girlfriend Caught

May 24, 2008

Frequent Defendant Lindsay Lohan Caught In A Lie

That’s clearly how she got that hickey last week

This is a follow up to my May 19, 2008 article Lindsay Lohan’s Family Upset By Lesbian Rumors. It seems Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson seem to have forgotten that paparazzi can travel outside of Los Angeles.

Yesterday, the pair were spotted hugging and kissing each other in France. The photos are now on People magazine’s web site and numerous blogs as well. The kissing pics can be found on other sites as well (I don’t want them on here, so I’m not posting them).

Ronson looks very troubled

So, Lindsay needs to tell her little gravel voiced sister to calm down and stop jumping on people for telling the truth about her.

My site was right about her drug use and it was right about this as well. I don’t make stories up about people. This isn’t a gossip site.

Besides, the people in Hollywood are so messed up, one does not have to invent stories.

Story found here

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