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Hollywood Stealing From Writers Again

May 23, 2008

Legendary Songwriting Duo Defrauded Out Of Millions

Many of you know the song, “Thin Line Between Love And Hate.” What some of you didn’t know is the songwriting duo behind the mega-hit and others, Robert and Jacqueline Poindexter, have been consistently robbed of royalties for music they wrote that has grossed millions of dollars.

While others disgracefully lived lavishly off their labor, they ended up homeless. Well, that’s just Hollywood’s way – they have no conscience or no concept of how such things make them look to the nation and the world.

Some of you may know of the 1996 Martin Lawrence film “Thin Line Between Love And Hate” that features their song, which is also used as the title and basis of the film. Well, the duo didn’t get paid for that either.

Will “Fraud” Smith keeps robbing people of their copyrights

Artists such as Jay-Z, John Legend and Will Smith (who separately stole Hancock), have made millions using their music, but the duo have not. According to Jet magazine, “They’ve been battling record companies, artists and film companies consistently for royalties.”

Most decent human beings, who aren’t animals, would be ashamed to rob hard working people, but apparently not the stars involved in that case (or any case for that matter).

Jay-Z – 10 is the number of years in prison he should draw for various acts of asset theft and fraud in violation of SEC rules and the U.S. Code. Jay-Z, drug dealer turned rapper, has never truly left those criminal ways behind. Your mother must be so proud.

It just goes to show you what some of your favorite stars are really like – animals! They are on songs and in magazines bragging about the things they have. They just don’t bother to tell you they got it through ripping off others, who actually do work.

Once again, copyright infringement is a crime under United States and United Nations laws.

The Poindexters now reside in Jamaica, NY (Queens) and have vowed to fight the thievery stating, “We’re not giving up what’s legally ours and what took us all our lives to acquire.” Well said.

Story source: Jet Magazine, May 19, 2008, pages 38-39.

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