The FBI Using GPS To Track People

May 22, 2008

Will The FBI Help You If Your Car Breaks Down?

…Probably Not

May 22. 2008

GPS satellite

In a very interesting story, an attorney discovered and disclosed how the FBI illegally installed a GPS tracking device on the vehicle of his client, to monitor his every move.

FBI director Robert Mueller

Previously, I made reference to a television news piece illustrating how the FBI can turn your cell phone’s microphone on and listen to all your conversations, even when you’re not on the phone.

I think this surveillance society schism has gone way too far. Much like the story I broke on FBI Patriot Act abuses that proved to be true three months later, this latest incident regarding GPS spying without warrants, highlights the need for greater Congressional and judicial supervision of the agency, whose name has been destroyed by Bush puppet Robert Mueller, via his terrible conduct.

Robert Mueller in Congress

The two have clearly lost their grip on reality with this unprecedented, invasive, sweeping power grab that defies and shames everything the Constitution stands for.

Apprehending criminals is a noble cause, but not at the price of civil liberties. You can’t break the law to uphold it, as that makes you a criminal as well.

Accountant’s Lawyer Challenges FBI’s Use Of GPS Device

Late one day three years ago, a man the FBI says is a mob accountant and key player in a racketeering conspiracy to carve up the state’s trash industry noticed a big, burned and partially melted electronic device protruding from the undercarriage of his automobile.

Christopher Rayner, the accountant, stooped to investigate and eventually pulled off the melted mess. Almost immediately, the telephone rang in the Hartford office of Rayner’s lawyer.

The caller was an FBI agent who demanded the immediate return of what he described as FBI equipment. The agent told Rayner and his lawyer, Ross Garber, that they had two days to comply, according to limited information about the episode disclosed in federal court. If they failed, the FBI would search both of their offices and charge Rayner with theft of government property.

Story found here

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