Tony Romo Dumped Jessica Simpson

May 17, 2008

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, 28, has dumped frequently sued Jessica Simpson, 27, who has been the subject of a few lawsuits due to her questionable conduct (three breech of contract lawsuits and one infringement case).

It seems things didn’t go according to Jessica and Papa Joe’s plan when Tony Romo made a run for it…into the arms of another blonde.

Photo courtesy of Star magazine

This week Romo was pictured with a blonde in Chicago named Lindsey Betrus, aged 21. Dallas fans can now rest safely at night knowing Jessica the jinx is gone.

Did Tony Romo finally realize that Jessica Simpson is nuts.

Side bar: it must have been difficult for you growing up with the name Romo, considering it rhymes with the word homo, but it certainly appears you are not.

Side bar 2: did they ever call you Tony Roma (like the restaurant). Just kidding

Tony Romo’s college sweetheart, Crystal Kasper, who he is still in touch with, looks like Jessica Simpson and his new girlfriend.

Note to Jessica: you proclaimed you waited until marriage to have sex and there’s nothing wrong with that. Then you married a man that by all accounts treated you well, but believing yourself to be the best thing since sliced bread, dumped him once the show you both starred in, The Newlyweds, made you famous.

Jessica with ex-husband Nick Lachey

Since your divorce that disappointed America and ended your career, you have slept with different industry men in a very short space of time (John Mayer, Adam Levine, Johnny Knoxville and Tony Romo).

Jessica and John “Bi” Mayer

To have waited until marriage to have sex, then slutting it up these past 2 years after your divorce is ironic and sad.

You’ve clearly lost your bearings and got swept away by Hollywood’s poor values. You kissed Hollywood’s butt, embracing its terrible ways, abandoning what you claim you stood for, and it’s gotten you nowhere. As a matter of fact, you lost your career in doing so.

What has she done to her face. Leave the cosmetic fillers and lip plumpers alone.

Behaving like Paris Hilton is not what made you famous. Too bad you didn’t realize it before you made choices that sent you straight downhill.

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