Florida And Michigan Won’t Help Hillary Clinton

May 17, 2008

Obama: bye Hillary!

It appears all Hillary’s petitioning to have Florida and Michigan delegates seated shall come to naught. Obama’s lead is too significant for her to catch up.

Adios Mrs. Nixon, um I mean, Mrs. Clinton.

Clinton is still on the campaign trail and according to published news reports, with much less media following her, as in essence, the race has already been determined, due to the delegate and superdelegate math.

Chelsea Clinton: what do you mean she lost?

Chelsea: mom, I think they want us to call it a day now:

To my fellow Floridians: Is it just me or did they just completely neutralize Florida in the primaries. They’re still mad about the chad! (LOL I’m just teasing).

McCain and wife to DNC: would you hurry up, already!

Florida, Michigan delegates cannot save Clinton

WASHINGTON (AP) – Sorry, Sen. Clinton. Michigan and Florida can’t save your campaign. Interviews with those considering how to handle the two states’ banished convention delegates found little interest in the former first lady’s best-case scenario.

Her position, part of a formidable comeback challenge, is that all the delegates be seated in accordance with their disputed primaries.

And even if they were, it wouldn’t erase Barack Obama’s growing lead in delegates over Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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