Obama Gains Edwards And More Superdelegates

May 15, 2008

Senator John Edwards Endorses Obama

Hillary Says Something Heartless Again

Senator Barack Obama

Democratic candidate Barack Obama received a big endorsement this evening from Senator John Edwards. It is expected that the high ranking senator’s endorsement will help swing the Democratic vote even further in Obama’s direction, whilst bringing in additional superdelegates. Translation, they stole Hillary’s thunder.

Earlier in the day, Obama gained two more superdelegates in his race for the nomination. He was also awarded 8 of the 28 delegates last night from the West Virginia primary. His numbers, much like Hillary’s blood pressure, is going up.

He is still almost 200 delegates ahead of her, while John McCain waits for the Democratic race to wrap up by doing some early campaigning.

Michelle And Barack Obama

Racially Divisive Statements

She did it again. Hillary Clinton made a very bizarre, racially charged remark this week that I did not care for at all. Continuing her campaign’s theme of racial divisiveness, she put her flats in her toothsome mouth again:

“Within minutes, Clinton has crossed the Blue Ridge and is over the green hills of West Virginia, home of what she calls the “hardworking Americans, white Americans.” This is Clinton Country.


The bitter taste of defeat

Ok, why did she have to say that. What was the purpose of that other than to offend black people. I’m sure there are hard working black people in West Virginia too. Why couldn’t you have said there are, “Hardworking people in West Virginia.”

Why did you snub black West Virginians with that terrible statement, Hillary. That was just mean. That’s one of the lowest things a candidate has said in modern times.

I almost want to call you an idiot. White people don’t need a pep talk on being white in America, as they are the nation’s majority. It’s the minorities that need the pep talk at times when there is disenfranchisement or racial attacks.

Anyone that checks the criminal court dockets or reads law enforcement web sites know there is still racism in America, based on noose incidents, racial assaults and murders, where it was found the victim was targeted because of their race.

That’s not to say white people don’t have their problems too, as they have their troubles just like everyone else, but it is traditionally blacks that have felt the brunt of the hardships in the nation where race based incidents are concerned.

While things have gotten better since the ungodly wickedness that was slavery, there is still a far way to go in the matter of race relations and equality.

You are not a minority, Hillary. You are not encouraging and giving hope to a small disenfranchised ethnic group, to hold their heads up in the face of racial injustice. You are a white candidate – therefore, a statement like that to the nation’s majority doesn’t seem very kind to the country’s minority.

Bill Clinton to woman in audience: would you like to be my intern

You act like black people did something to you, when it was your statements that broke the hearts of many blacks that passionately supported your husband for years. Rappers gave him shout outs in many songs. Black comedians would make flattering jokes on stage, TV and in film calling him, “The first black president.”

I ask you, is getting into the White House by divisiveness worth hurting, once again, millions of people that helped you and your husband, championing your causes.

If you had beaten Obama fair and square in the race, most people wouldn’t have anything to say about it. But you said some racially offensive things, then began and continue to, scratch and claw for a nomination you are so far behind in, making an invalid argument that is unjust and unfair. All while causing collateral damage to your party.

It is the equivalent of a silver medalist in a race, grabbing the microphone at the awards ceremony and making a case why they should be the gold medalist rather than the actual winner, even though the world saw them lose the race. It’s time to grow up, Hillary, because at this point, the divisiveness is all you will be remembered for.

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