Model That Accused Lindsay Lohan Of Theft

May 15, 2008

Lauren Hastings

Lauren Hastings is the model that previously accused Lindsay Lohan of stealing the contents of her closet, while she was away on a photo shoot. This is before Lindsay stole another woman’s fur coat in a separate incident.

Hastings has appeared in the music video for singer Justin Timberlake’s diss-fest “Cry Me A River” as his former girlfriend Britney Spears.

Lauren is also dating Jewish/French actor Shia Labeouf who was the star of last year’s “Transformers” movie.

Oi Vey La La ( get it “Oi Vey” is Yiddish and “Oo La La” is French)

Shia Labeouf

Hastings said of Lindsay, “She basically cleaned out my closet” regarding the clothes Lohan stole. Lindsay claimed they were freebies to take. Yea right. You go to someone’s home when they are not there and clean out their closets, then claim they were “free to take.” Just how much drugs did you do that day, Lindsay.

Show of hands, how many of you have gone over to a friend’s house while they were not there and cleaned out their closets – clothes, jewelry and all, claiming they were “free to take.” Not exactly normal behavior, now is it.

Lindsay Lohan, dressed like a prostitute, um I mean, promoting her new leggings line

Lohan’s publicist continues to claim she hasn’t done anything wrong. You know, like the time Lindsay put out that quote stating she doesn’t do drugs and the cocaine found in her pocket at the police station was not hers, only to find out later that she lied.

This destructiveness wouldn’t be as terrible if she wasn’t determined on harming and defrauding others in the process – from stealing clothes to running over innocent people’s feet.

People would have more sympathy for her if she wasn’t going around doing such vicious things to others. She needs to be sedated or committed, as her problems go way deeper than drugs, landing firmly in the mental illness bracket.

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