The Candidates’ Wives

May 14, 2008

Barack Obama pictured with wife Michelle

The presumed Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, is married to Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. She is a Harvard educated lawyer.

She earns a good salary. Between them they made almost $2 million dollars in income last year. Regarding the election, she really went out there and campaigned for her husband.

I really can’t think of another wife who has been that involved in her husband’s campaign, even doing speaking engagements that drummed up votes. Senator Obama and his wife have two daughters and live in Illinois.

Cindy McCain

The presumed Republician candidate, John McCain, is married to Cindy Hensley McCain. She is a college-educated heir (you hear that Paris Hilton, college!) to a large Anheuser-Busch beer distribution fortune. Apparently, she is quite poor, with only something like a billion dollars in assets. That was a little joke.

John McCain, his wife and daughter

She is credited with helping her husband’s political career through her father’s contacts. She’s had her share of scandals, but continues to support her husband. They have three children and live in Arizona.

Both women are intelligent, pretty and have worn various flattering, feminine looks throughout the presidential campaign. You hear that Hillary, flattering and feminine.

Honorable mention: Bill Clinton, wife of defeated, underhanded, mudslinging Hillary Clinton, made many millions giving speeches since leaving the White House. He enjoys sewing, crocheting, walks in the park and has a penchant for cigars. However, he doesn’t smoke the cigars, as he is one that does not believe in “inhaling.” Yes, I went there.

He was so close to having tea with the other politicians wives, until Hillary began losing the race. But knowing Bill Clinton, that would just breed another scandal.

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