Mariah Carey Knocks Madonna Down Charts

May 14, 2008

Carey Bumps Madonna Down Charts With One Month Old Album

Mariah Carey and new husband Nick Cannon

Madonna’s new album “Hard Candy” has no staying power. It’s been knocked down the U.S. charts by singer Neil Diamond, who is #1 this week with his new release.

However, another embarrassing blow happened when Madonna’s arch rival, Mariah Carey, pushed the Material Slut’s album down the charts even further, with a release that’s been on the charts for a month.

Madonna’s CD has landed at #5 with a major 70% percent drop in sales during its second week on the charts, which is not good. The album is spent already though it just came out.

Madonna, through placed articles, has been trying top put a spin on the CD’s dismal sales, even blaming coconspirator, Warner Music’s Edgar Bronfman jr. However, she was given maximum exposure, heavy airplay and expensive promotion on radio, TV and the internet.

She even had a commercial that ran on television often. The public already know who she is, therefore it wasn’t a matter of getting out there and building a name.

Working with Timberlake and co. should have brought in much more sales as well, as it has done for others, but that didn’t work either. The public is tired of Madonna and her shenanigans.

In Britain, “Hard Candy” was quickly toppled as well by German techno band Scooter. It was also a low selling number one for her there as well. The album is getting trounced all over the place.

Scooter to Madonna: scoot!

She even released “Hard Candy” in an easy week, where there weren’t any major releases receiving a substantial promo push, that could have posed a threat.

Talk about a tired, terrible makeover

The album debuted with some of her worse numbers ever and is currently selling worse than her biggest flop “American Life.”

Upon witnessing the negative feedback, she flew back to London to resume her old routine of working out for two hours per day, while spending the rest of her time meddling in younger artists’ business, under the auspices of promoting Kabbalah.

Meanwhile, Mariah Carey continues her publicity tour regarding her album marriage. Just weeks before getting married to goofball Nick Cannon, Mariah swore off kids in a manner that had people calling her “crazy” and “weird.” Now all of a sudden she wants lots of them. Can you say publicity stunt.

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