Madonna Plays Dumb Regarding Britney Spears

May 13, 2008

Spears Going Broke

In more “Madonna is being delusional” news. She has blamed Britney Spears’ terrible fall from grace on not having a childhood. Oh please, Michael Jackson didn’t have a childhood and he turned out just fine. Just kidding.

Seriously, it’s more Madonna got her involved in Kabbalah, forcing it upon her, where even the cult’s nutty management state you must be “over 40” to study what real scholars have deemed “madness” “gibberish” “fake” and “false teachings.”

Another set of web sites critical of the cult stated there is an old Jewish saying that Kabbalah should not be taught to anyone under 40 or they will go insane. Britney proved that. So did Lindsay Lohan who also flew off the rails and self-destructed. And let’s not even talk about Paris Hilton who went cuckoo in jail.

You’ve destroyed those girls lives and careers with that Kabbalah cult and I don’t think the public has seen the worst of it yet, but they should have known better than to get involved in it, as they were being asked to do some very sick things.

However, one shouldn’t go around destroying other people’s lives, because what goes around comes around.

She is so busy sticking her nose in younger people’s business and it’s not a good look. It makes her look like a meddlesome, perverted busybody with nothing better to do in her old age than hound young people.

Madonna: Britney Spears’ troubles down to lack of childhood

Madge said: “She never was allowed to have a childhood, she was a star when she was a child. She didn’t get to grow up and make mistakes privately. She’s been under a microscope since she was a teenager, which I think is really tough. It’s hard to evolve that way.”

Spears Going Broke

Many articles have surfaced stating Britney Spears is going broke. There is truth to some of them. Her finances are tapped out from years of heavy spending, massive property payments, unwise business decisions, cult donations and being fleeced. There is also mention of an IRS probe.

She should not have blown through that money in such a manner, as $100 million dollars is very difficult to replace, especially in the latter part of her career. After all her debts and various deductions for items owed to different entities, she has $10 million left, which can disappear overnight as well in extravagant Hollywood.

Young artists take a lesson – avoid cults and excessive spending.

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