Lindsay Lohan Loses Role

May 13, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Loses Role

…And Her Sobriety

Lindsay is starting to dress like her lesbian girlfriend Samantha Ronson

Out of work actress Lindsay Lohan was fired from her role in an indie film about the very disturbed imprisoned cultist Charles Manson. It’s kind of ironic considering Lindsay is in a sick cult herself.

Wow, you’ve got to really mess up to get fired from an indie film. People have done everything short of burning down the set and not gotten fired from an indie film.

Samantha Ronson

Getting chucked from an indie role sends a terrible message to big budget filmmakers that Lohan clearly doesn’t quite grasp, otherwise she would have taken her job seriously.

Coupled with being “spotted downing tequila” the career news couldn’t be worse for her right now. However, she is the one that threw away her opportunities and career right along with it:

“Linday Lohan – let go from Manson film; spotted downing tequila at Hollywood hotel.”

Lindsay Lohan axed from Manson movie

Lindsay Lohan has been axed from an upcoming film about Charles Manson – reportedly because no one else would sign up to star alongside her.

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