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R. Kelly Case To Go To Trial

May 10, 2008

Judge Denies R. Kelly’s Motion For A Continuance

A judge has denied R Kelly’s request for another continuance in delaying trial in his child pornography case that has gone on for 6 years.

The only reason he has been able to stay free for this long and further victimize others, is because of his money. The average joe that engaged in such conduct would have been locked up long ago. It is a disgrace and an embarrassment on the justice system that he has been able to flout prison for this long.

Another witness has come forward stating she had underage sex with R. Kelly in a threesome featuring another 15-year-old girl.

It is clear R. Kelly needs help. He should not be free, as time has shown since the late singer, Aaliyah, that he continues to victimize young girls. He illegally married Aaliyah by giving her a fake ID, when she was15 and he 28.

It is not gossip, but a matter of public record in the cities of Chicago and Detroit. That’s all I needed to know, as that shows a pattern of sexually victimizing young girls.

If your mother were alive, Mr. Kelly, what would she say to your conduct, where there is overwhelming evidence pointing to your guilt. She wouldn’t be proud, that’s for sure. She’d probably cry her eyes out.

You need to do the right thing. You need to admit what you’ve done, pay your debt to society in jail and get treatment, as this madness cannot continue.

It is my prayer that if the judge and jury don’t bring you to justice, God will. You cannot go on victimizing people’s kids like this.

This case should not be about protecting a star, a fallen star might I add. It should be about protecting the kids.

Kelly Aide Bribed Witness?

An assistant allegedly working on behalf of troubled R. Kelly has been accused of bribing a witness in the R&B star’s underage sex case…

However, in a new twist in the case, a female witness from Atlanta, Georgia claims she was approached by the star’s aide to hand over a potentially incriminating video tape of Kelly that she owned, in exchange for a hefty pay off.

U.S. newspaper the Chicago Sun-Times reports the tape shows the woman indulging in a three-way sex session with Kelly and the alleged underage victim at the centre of the case.

The assistant is also alleged to have made the offer to the unnamed lady to prevent her testifying against Kelly in his upcoming trial.

But the reported deal has apparently backfired on the aide – the woman has agreed to take to the stand to help the prosecution’s case.


Photos courtesy of the Chicago Tribune and the AP

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