Da Vinci Code

May 10, 2008

Title: Da Vinci Code

Year Of Release: 2006

Review Date: May 9, 2008

Rating: PG-13

Running time: 149 minutes

Box Office Gross: 758,703,713

Recommendation: Hollywood goes anti-Christian again.

I finally saw this movie (no, I didn’t buy it or download it illegally). I thought it was weak. I couldn’t believe this is what all the excitement was about.

This movie was poorly made. It was utter nonsense with a soft story. Another futile Hollywood attempt at casting doubt on Christianity in a very unentertaining, predictable foray into sacrilege.

This film doesn’t encourage people to believe. It encourages them to disbelieve.

The whole movie Tom Hanks looked like he was struggling to move (ironically, more than the elderly man with the cane, who was clearly the star of this insanity-fest).

Parts of the film were outright creepy. They sought to malign Christianity with the worst characterizations possible and it showed.

The poor special efx at certain points didn’t help either. One minute the film looked big budget, the next low budget. Not a good mix. Coupled with the abundant conspiracy theories not based in reality, this film was a mess.

Christians should not get worked up when Hollywood does such things. When you don’t buy their movies, they lose hundreds of millions of dollars on top of what they made or didn’t make.


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