Was Hillary Behind The Reverend Wright Tapes?

May 9, 2008

Hillary: I’m desperate!

Was Hillary Clinton behind the Reverend Wright tapes surfacing? In her zeal to beat Obama, which backfired, did Mrs. Clinton have a hand in these tapes going public, that have harmed the Democratic Party.

Obama’s rise to prominence in the race took Hillary by surprise, as she and many firmly believed for almost a year that she was the front-runner. Her cockiness showed it. She was as proud as a peacock. Then the reverse happened, and she was suddenly lagging behind.

Her campaign has circulated incendiary items to the media in attempts at torpedoing Obama’s campaign. Were the Reverend Wright tapes one of them.

You continue with these harmful, nasty, low blows, Hillary, and the Democrats are going to denounce and disown you.

Not to mention, if all your skeletons got dragged out of the closet, it would look like a cemetery.

Photos courtesy of the New York Times

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