Madonna’s Label Warner Music Suffers $37 Million In Losses

May 9, 2008

Warner Music Group Continues Its Descent

Too much plastic surgery. Madonna looks like someone ran a science experiment on her and it went wrong. A drag queen named Jackie Beat made an explicit diss song about Mariah and Madonna titled “Retouch My Body.” In it she said of Madonna “Just look at Madonna. In real life she looks like an ancient iguana.”

Observers noting Warner Music Group’s fluctuating stock price, which made two bizarre rallies this year, though sales were and continue to be significantly down, wondered out loud what was going on over there at the crooked label.

Singer Mariah Carey’s publicity stunt of a marriage stole Madonna’s thunder this week, as “Hard Candy” descends into obscurity with a massive second week sales drop of 70% on numbers that had already suffered a 70,000 copy fall off from her previous album.

Edgar Bronfman jr.

Warner Music is clearly hanging on by fraud. France already formally accused Edgar Bronfman jr. of a stock buy back scam with another company. Therefore, I wouldn’t put it past him. Warner Music investors are not protected and are being set up for a nasty fall.

Mariah Carey, 39, and second husband Nick Cannon, 27 (she’s outdone Madonna again, whose husband, Guy “Madonna destroyed my career” Ritchie, is 10 years younger than she)

Warner Music Second-Quarter Loss Widened on Taxes (Update2)

May 8 (Bloomberg) — Warner Music Group Corp., the world’s third-largest record company, reported a wider second-quarter loss as taxes increased and compact disc sales fell. The company suspended its quarterly dividend.

The net loss of $37 million, or 25 cents a share, compared with a loss of $27 million, or 19 cents, a year earlier, the New York-based company said today in a statement.

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