Madonna – Dirty Old Woman

May 6, 2008

Madonna Sexually Attacking Timberlake On Stage

May 6. 2008


one of the ugliest stage outfits ever.

People have used the term “dirty old man” to describe a perverted older man behaving in a very unseemly way towards someone much younger, that he is not in a relationship with.

The term should apply to women as well who do the same. Madonna is the definition of the dirty old woman (that’s assuming she is a woman). At a recent show, she embarrassingly began grinding her muscles on singer Justin Timberlake, who is half her age, in a sexual manner. Someone turn the hose on her, already.

JK Rowling in New York in 2007 sitting like a lady Mimicking Madonna in New York in 2008 sitting like a slut

She has no class and no sense of decorum. That’s not entertainment. Not to mention, he looked embarrassed and uncomfortable at her muscular arms all over him. She in turn, looked like a confused, butch lesbian.

Once again, she is mimicking Kylie Mingoue who did a similar performance with Timberlake years ago at an awards show. However, Kylie looks like a woman and was not the aggressor. Timberlake pursued Minogue on stage.

It’s not cute watching a woman the age of a grandmother, with muscles like He-man, roughly have her way with a young man half her age. It evokes nightmares for some – clearly her checks to bloggers have been bouncing:

Justin Timberlake and Madonna were performing in concert when Madonna pinned Justin to the wall and in eerily similar fashion to one of my recurring nightmares, vigorously molested him with her Hulk-ish body. Gross.
Later on in the performance, Madonna chugged a bottle of champagne while holding a guitar. Possibly in defiance of public drinking laws. She’s so progressive! – The Blemish

Madonna and Justin Timberlake performing at the Roseland Ballroom in New York (4/30)
I’ve always wanted to be grinded on by a 49-year-old mom with three kids. Did you know Madonna is older than the audio cassette? No, seriously, I looked it up. She was also born before Barbie Dolls, Astroturf, and ATMs were invented. So hot! – Celebslam

Is it just me or is Madonna starting to look like an unattractive version of Patsy’s 72-year-old sister from the former BBC show Absolutely Fabulous. The hairstyle, make-up, clothes and cheek implants look like the character:

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