Lindsay Lohan Steals $11,000 Fur Coat

May 6, 2008

Cult Nut Steals Coat From University Student

May 6. 2008

A washed up looking Lindsay wearing the stolen $11,000 coat and a very evil look in her eyes. I can’t believe she is only 21.

Out of work actress Lindsay Lohan is up to her old tricks again – stealing people’s clothes. The Kabbalah cult nut stole a pricey fur coat from 22-year-old Masha Markova, which was a gift from her grandmother. Masha was described as a pretty exchange student.

As I have mentioned before on this site, members of the Kabbalah cult believe stealing attractive people’s clothes and wearing them, helps you soak up their aura and become like them. Hence, fellow Kabbalah cult member Britney Spears constantly switching clothes with pretty women she meets in night clubs.

sick! she’s smiling for the camera in the stolen coat

I also previously wrote about how Kabbalah cult weirdo Madonna infringed copious amounts of my private, years old copyrighted music, including having years old costume designs/descriptions from accompanying music video treatments in my copyrighted catalog, sewn up by her seamstress and began wearing them on stage and all over London like a lunatic.

I logged on one day only to see that psychopath flinging herself around on stage in the costumes from my copyrighted catalog, and other photos of her walking around London in the designs, with that crazy, startled look on her face (is it the Botox that’s causing her to have that crazy, startled look or is it the lunacy).

Last year, I wrote about Lindsay Lohan stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothes belonging to a pretty model. The model, Lauren Hastings, was away working and Lindsay went to her house and stole the clothes. When the model returned home and discovered what happened, she reported Lindsay to the police. Lindsay was then forced to return the clothes she stole.

In this latest incident, Lindsay went to a party wearing a black jacket, saw Masha Markova’s blond fur coat in the coat check area, said it was hers, put it on and left wearing it.

Yea Lindsay, because a jet black jacket and a blond fur coat look so much alike you got confused. Right. You stole it. Like you stole the model’s clothes last year.

You should be ashamed of yourself. It makes you look very common.

It was reported that Lohan so mistreated the coat in the two weeks it was unlawfully in her possession, that when she was forced by Masha’s lawyer to return it, it came back torn, stained and smelling of cigarettes. Such trashy conduct.

It shows the terrible sense of entitlement these depraved Kabbalah cult members have and how messed up their thinking is. They have an utter lack of class and a terrible way of devaluing and destroying things of value they steal from others. They have no respect for other people’s property rights and are very destructive.

Gal Fur-ious After Actress Photographed Wearing Prized Coat

May 6, 2008 — A Columbia co-ed wants to know how Lindsay Lohan ended up wearing her $11,000 blond mink coat – and is demanding the “Mean Girl” pay for the impromptu rental.

Masha Markova, 22, believed she had forever lost the prized jacket – a gift from her grandmother – while attending a private birthday party at 1Oak in the Meatpacking District in the early-morning hours of Jan. 26.

The club was closed for a friend of jet-setting playboy Stavros Niarchos, Markova said. She added that at one point, she was seated next to Lohan, and recalled putting the mink in a common bin with other jackets…

Two weeks later, Markova flipped through the Feb. 11 edition of OK! Magazine and couldn’t believe her eyes – Lohan was photographed the night of Jan. 26 wearing the very same fur coat.

The pretty co-ed said that in the ensuing days, she surfed the Internet and found several paparazzi photos of Lohan wearing the distinctive blond coat hours after the birthday party they had both attended.

Also, celebrity blogs posted pictures of the actress party-hopping that night – wearing a black coat before she arrived at 1Oak, Markova said…

That’s when her immigration lawyer, Merrill Cohen, called Lohan’s high-powered Hollywood attorney, Blair Berke, threatening litigation…

The coat arrived at Markova’s Morningside Heights apartment two days later. Reeking of cigarettes and booze with a slight tear in the lining, the fur coat was no worse for wear after a dry cleaning and quick patch-up…

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