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FBI Says WWE’s Ashley Massaro = Ho-oker

May 5, 2008

WWE Fans Are Ho-rrified

May 5. 2008

A college educated, female, WWE wrestler’s name is being thrown around as a hooker employee in a illegal escort service under investigation by the FBI.

Ashley Massaro, real name, Ashley Massaro, also known as, Ashley Massaro, is said to be the woman. Did I mention her name is Ashley Massaro.

It is being alleged she was paid for her services. She denies it. So, what you’re saying is your services were free? Just kidding. Several outlets insist it’s her. Just ho-rrific!

It’s amazing that they want to nab her for the escort service malfeasance, yet completely let her go on the obvious ‘roids issue. Seriously, why go to college to end up in an escort service.

FBI alleges that WWE’s Ashley Massaro was involved in an international escort service

The latest issue of Rolling Stone alleges that WWE Diva Ashley Massaro worked for Los Angeles escort service Bella Models, which is run by Michelle Braun (a/k/a Nici). The story notes that it’s not just Braun making the claim. Rather, the story notes that the FBI tracked emails in which Bella Models made travel arrangements for Massaro and other clients. It also states:

“All I do is make the introductions between famous girls and rich guys who want to meet them,” Braun told Rolling Stone. “I think the rates I charge are justified just to meet these women, even if nothing happens.”

FBI papers omit the names of the men who allegedly paid for the services, yet list the names of Massaro, other Playboy models, a Maxim model, and adult film stars. Some of the emails discuss whether the women allow “fetish” or “GFE” (girlfriend experience). The Rolling Stone story features a photo of Massaro and lists her as a “professional wrestler—WWE” on page 52 of the May 15 issue.


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