Obama Gains Another High Profile Endorsement

May 3, 2008

Hillary Clinton (left) Barack Obama (right)

Hillary Clinton continues to lose support in her bid for the Democratic nomination. This time in the form of former Democratic National Committee Chairman Paul G. Kirk endorsing Obama.

Her party is showing her that they have thrown their support behind her rival, yet she refuses to gracefully bow out of the race.

She is causing damage to the Democratic party. According to a news report today, inspite of all the massive damage George Bush has done to the Republican party, McCain is running even with Hillary and Obama in the polls.

John McCain

Too many unpleasant items came out regarding the Democratic party, thanks to Hillary, in her battle against Obama, which has gotten very unsportsmanlike.

She’s wearing him out as well with her foolishness, which is only helping McCain. Mike Huckabee’s battle with McCain never reached the lows Hillary has dragged her race with Obama to, even though Barack has tried to fight a clean fight.

Former DNC chair backs Obama

Another day, another former DNC chairman publicly endorses Barack Obama.

Today it’s former Democratic National Committee Chairman Paul G. Kirk, who also is a Masschusetts superdelegate.

This comes a day after Joe Andrew, the DNC chair under Bill Clinton, announced that he would support Obama over Hillary Clinton for the party’s presidential nomination.

“Sen. Obama is the one candidate best able to quickly restore America’s respect and reputation globally,” says Kirk. He is “the one candidate best able to set the tone at the top for the unity and reconciliation needed in this country, to bring us together, to define our common goals and to provide the inspiration to move us forward.”

So far, six of the 11 living former DNC chairs have jumped on board with Obama, while four support Clinton.


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