Lindsay Lohan Lashed In Liquor Ad

May 3, 2008

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer is angry over an ad using her client as the face of irresponsible drinking. I don’t understand why she is upset, as at this point that’s all Lindsay is known for. She created that image.

People aren’t seeing her movies anymore, in more ways than one. They are seeing the image of a reckless young woman destroying her life:

Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Blasts USA Today Over Use Of Star’s Image In Drunk-Driving Ad

May 2 2008 4:40 PM EDT – If you picked up a copy of USA Today on Friday (May 2), you might have been thrown off by a full-page ad with the big, bold headline, “Ignition interlocks — A good idea for,” above the infamous post-DUI-arrest mug shot of Lindsay Lohan. The next line reads, “But a bad idea for us,” over a series of pictures of a happy bride and groom toasting each other, some smiling young adults hoisting their brews and martinis, and three pals clinking beers over a meal.

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