Another Clinton Supporter Endorses Obama

May 2, 2008

Joe Andrew: sorry Hillary!

Wow, the news just keeps getting worse for Hillary. The high profile, “DNC chairman under Bill Clinton” Joe Andrew, has defected to the Obama camp.

Even in the rain her mullet holds up. That’s some good Aqua Net:

Hillary Clinton singing Bacharach: “raindrops keep falling on my head…but that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red, crying is not for me, cause I’m never gonna stop Obama by complaining…but there’s one thing I know…the superdelegates they send to meet me…will defeat me…it won’t be long until relegation gets up to greet me…”

Joe Andrew’s endorsement made many news headlines today, as Obama expanded his lead. You know what that means. Another Bill Clinton tantrum in 5,4,3,2,1…

Hillary choking…and in the election too:

“DNC chairman under Bill Clinton: Unite behind Obama”

WASHINGTON (AP) – A leader of the Democratic Party under Bill Clinton has switched his allegiance to Barack Obama and is encouraging fellow Democrats to “heal the rift in our party” and unite behind the Illinois senator.

Joe Andrew, who was Democratic National Committee chairman from 1999-2001, planned a news conference Thursday in his hometown of Indianapolis to urge other Hoosiers to support Obama in Tuesday’s primary, perhaps the most important contest left in the White House race. He also has written a lengthy letter explaining his decision that he plans to send to other superdelegates.

“I am convinced that the primary process has devolved to the point that it’s now bad for the Democratic Party,” Andrew said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.

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