Wretched Madonna Cuts Off Dad From Baby

April 29, 2008

April 29. 2008


The vile, vicious animal that is Madonna has cut off her adopted toddler she bought for publicity, from his dad, angering the biological father. Sadly, he sold his baby to Satan incarnate. Therefore, he shouldn’t be surprised.

You need to pray for the boy’s safety, that the lunatic Madonna doesn’t hurt him, as she was sued for choking a 10-year-old boy named Keith Sorrentino, and bought off the case to stem the bad publicity that erupted in the New York Post.

She’s choked others as well, illustrating she is psychopathic and has a terrible evil streak. The woman is the most unholy thing walking the planet.

She should be very careful of how she treats that child, as he will remember it and talk about it later, Mommy Dearest.

Father of Madonna’s adoptee lashes out

LILONGWE, Malawi, April 27 (UPI) — Pop singer Madonna has been cutting off contact between the Malawian boy she adopted years ago and his biological father, the Malawi native says.

Yohane Banda says the “Material Girl” has severed all contact between him and his son, causing him to regret ever placing his son up for adoption, The (Britain) Sunday Times reported.

“I feel robbed. I should be able to see my son and say hello,” the 33-year-old father said. “I don’t know how he is growing, what person he is turning into. This pains me because it looks like he is not my son any more.”


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