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April 29, 2008

Miley Cyrus Told To Keep A Low Profile In Face Of Vanity Fair Scandal

April 29. 2008

Miley Cyrus as “Hannah Montana”

Just last month I wrote about 15-year-old Miley Cyrus stating she needs to stop taking suggestive photos of herself, as there are people who will exploit her.

Fast-forward one month and there’s a major scandal over semi-nude Miley photos. Photographer Annie Leibovitz took inappropriate photos of the 15-year-old, wearing scarlet red lipstick and a sheet, with her entire back and the top part of her chest exposed.

Is that the blonde dude from Die Hard:

just kidding – it’s photographer Annie Leibovitz

I blame Leibovitz for this shoot. She is a grown woman. She knew better. What business does she have photographing a 15-year-old in this manner.

Didn’t an alarm bell go off in your head and say to you this doesn’t look right. Didn’t your conscience tell you that maybe you were going to put this girl in a bad situation.

Leibovitz knew exactly what she was doing. It was exploitation. You wanted a reaction and you got one…a bad one. Parents and Miley Cyrus’ audience are outraged.

What’s next Hollywood, hooker photos of Dora the Explorer. Is nothing sacred or moral in that town.

As evidenced by previous photos, Miley, like some girls, is trying to grow up too fast and these people are helping her along that road. Someone needs to put their foot down before this becomes another Spears story.

Dad Mortified By Miley Photo

Billy Ray Cyrus suffered an achy breaky heart when he saw the seminude shots of his superstar daughter, Miley – a k a “Hannah Montana” – that were taken after he left the Vanity Fair shoot.

Cyrus had been present for most of famed photographer Annie Leibovitz’s session, but ducked out before the final, racier pictures of his 15-year-old daughter, partially naked and covered by a sheet, were taken.

“Miley’s parents did leave the shoot and were not present for the final shot, nor did they see any digital images of the shot in question,” a Miley spokeswoman told The Post yesterday.

Her grandmother and her teacher were left to supervise, according to People magazine.

“Annie convinced them it was going to be artistic,” a source told People. “Her parents are mortified.”

The Disney Channel, whose “Hannah Montana” empire is worth nearly $1 billion, has ordered Miley to lie low.


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