Rowling Fighting For Her Own Harry Potter Lexicon

April 24, 2008

Fighting For The Right To Write

How bizarre it is that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is fighting for the right to write her own lexicon for her books. I don’t care for her books, but the legal aspect of this case is very ironic.

At the end of the day, integrity means being fair and correct. The mere fact that a person that didn’t write a book, can challenge the person who did, and in this manner, is bizarre and a bad precedent.

He could undercut her sales and even claim she infringed his rip off book if he gets his version out first that will undoubtedly be about her characters. There’s only so much you can say about the specific characters in her work, without it being similar, because of how she laid it out previously.

However, I must admit, it is poetic justice that thieving Warner Bros. is in the position of having to fight for their own product, as they’ve illegally placed many a small company and independent writer in this predicament, when they stole their copyrights.

Judge can’t understand Harry Potter

HER twisting plots and wizard words won JK Rowling millions of fans – but judge Robert Patterson is not among them. Rowling plans to write her own guide, donating the proceeds to charity.

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