Paris Hilton Banned From Russian Hyatt

April 24, 2008

According to published reports this week, Paris Hilton, 27, scribbled her name and the year in black marker on the wall of a penthouse suite at a Hyatt Regency hotel in Moscow. She has reportedly been banned from the establishment. Really Paris, how old are you.

*Aisha quietly grumbling to herself* the one time the KGB should have used some polonium and they didn’t! (I’m just teasing):

Paris Hilton ‘blacklisted’ for defacing hotel suite

Celebrity socialite and heiress Paris Hilton is reported to have been banned from a rival hotel after she scrawled her name on a suite’s designer wallpaper with a black marker pen.

A spokesman for the Moscow Hyatt Hotel confirmed the star had been blacklisted and fined £4,500 for allegedly defacing their £8,000-a-night presidential suite.

She posed next to the offending graffiti – which reads “Paris Moscow 2008” – for a photoshoot in which she dressed in a skimpy dress, black boots and leopard-print knickers.

A spokesman said: “Miss Hilton ruined the wallpaper in the luxury suite. In such a case the client automatically goes on the black list.”

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