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Mariah Carey Tanked American Idol Ratings

April 24, 2008

When Crazy People Get The Microphone

Says She’d “Feel Violated Having Kids”

Carey Kills Idol Ratings

Mariah Carey tanked American Idol’s ratings. The show has been in decline and she solidify that. The mere fact that she drove down American Idol ratings makes you wonder if another Jay-Z style record sales fraud took place with her new CD. Those numbers look suspect, especially with such a weak lead single.

She is on the same label that got into trouble with Soundscan for bribing retailers to scan through one unit of an album several times to fraudulently inflate sales.

Last week’s performance show, featuring the songs of Mariah Carey, one of the most successful pop singers in history, was the lowest-rated Tuesday “Idol” in five years among TV’s most important demographic, adults ages 18 to 49. The subsequent results show, in which country warbler Kristy Lee Cook got the hook, delivered “Idol’s” worst Wednesday numbers among adults ages 18 to 34 since its first season back in summer 2002.

Producers also saw depressed ratings for their “Idol Gives Back” charity extravaganza, which this year aired as a stand-alone show with no competition-related material.”


She Doesn’t Want Kids

Regarding childbearing, the selfish, self-absorbed singer said having kids would make her feel violated. Yes, you read that right. Her publicist was probably smoking weed and didn’t catch that statement in time to stop it. What kind of thing is that to say about kids:

But in a somewhat bizarre explanation, the singer has claimed that having children would leave her feeling ‘violated’. “I never wanted to feel violated and I know that’s a kind of weird thing to say, but that’s how I am.”



What is this craziness with you needing 20 humidifiers. While your voice has changed since your “Music Box” album to a whisper sound, rather than the strong vocals you debuted with, which may explain the humidifiers, that’s just excessive. If you need that many humidifiers it’s time to see a throat specialist:

But perhaps her greatest moment of diva madness came during a trip in 2005 when at 2am she refused to check in to her hotel until a red carpet and scented candles lined the entrance.

I’ll have 20 humidifiers around the bed,” she revealed. “Basically, it’s like sleeping in a steam room. The bed is all towelling cloth, the ceiling is sloped so the water can’t fall on my head. My TV is behind glass.”


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