Heidi And Spencer Press Dinner Snafu

April 24, 2008

MTV “Hills” Duo Decline Invite

April 24. 2008

Ken And Barbie

Heidi Montag and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt (wow, people must tease you over the last name, huh) were invited to a White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, but he declined, claiming it wasn’t A-list enough. It’s more A-list than “The Hills.”

A couple years ago I was contacted by a leadership committee that asked me to join their group, where they said I would get invites to White House Correspondents’ Association dinners, among other things, but I declined, because it was a partisan organization attached to one of the political parties, and I wished to remain neutral. However, it was nice of them to ask.

But look what I missed. I could have been listening to Heidi and Spencer talk about the benefits of political…color coordination…that is, if they’d accepted.

source: http://www.nypost.com

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