Madonna’s Project “Hard Candy” Getting Slammed

April 23, 2008

CD and Video Slammed By Audiences

Gwyneth: why is it when you are out and about on other occasions, in formal or informal wear, at premiers or out walking, you look put together, but since you’ve been hanging out with Madonna this month, you look a frightful mess. That’s not like you.

Madonna’s forthcoming leaked CD “Hard Candy” and its first video “4 Minutes To Save The World” are being slammed all over the internet. First the CD cover was slammed, now the songs and the video.

The album is being called her worst yet. Even gays are turning on her. Numerous sites have a terrible buzz about the project as well. Here are a few:

“With Madonna’s 50th birthday rapidly approaching, the queen of pop has decided to deal with her mid-life crisis by attempting to recreate Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty video circa 2002. The photo, which will accompany a feature in Interview magazine, shows Madge in what we believe are a pair of designer leopard print Depends.” Mollygood web site

“It had even more indications that Hard Candy will be Madonna’s “I’m out of ideas because the whole idea of ‘subculture’ has bubbled away in the social-networking era album.” Idolator web site

Madonna’s Mind Lost – Eternal pop star Madonna released a video today “thanking” everyone who made videos of her recent, shi**y single “4 Minutes.” The material mom puts on a happy face, but we can tell she’s simmering. Also, can someone explain to us why she’s pretending to clean? Seriously, we don’t get it…

Only the most die hardest of die hard Madonna fans will like this collaboration with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, “Four Minutes To Save The World.” It’s terrible.” Queerty web site

The video also received terrible feedback on different sites. In watching a portion of Madonna’s new, gross video, I couldn’t help but notice that she was struggling to keep up with Timberlake and doing a Britney Spears-esque dance routine.

We live in a youth oriented world. The main male demographic don’t want to check out a video with a scantily clad 50 year old woman gyrating like a stripper. Her conduct in the video is embarrassing and undignified.

She is the only star in her age group being disrespected and mocked over her age, due to the way she conducts herself. Audiences see her as a 50 year old trying to act like a 21 year old stripper and they are insulting her for it.

Justin Timberlake

Feedback from the Sun Newspaper on her new video that people are watching because of Justin Timberlake:

1. Posted by: HaroonMemi

Timberlake needs to stop trying to be like jacko! He is still a geeky nerd ala Harry Potter!!!! stop copying his voice and moves JT!

as for Mad on her…….amazing what air brushing can do 🙂 she is still a wrinkly old chipped tooth has been! Act your age, old lady! You’re old enough to change JT’s nappy!!!!

2. Posted by: Ali-Bee

She’s a sinewy old trout and I would rather have an Arthur J Rank .

3. Posted by: Maxnex

Madge, please please keep your clothes on, you are not sexy half naked (something to with age and too much time working out).

4. Posted by: Amelie

And no doubt that video has been digitally re-touched to death… Muscley sinewy bodies are not attractive even if she is 50+ (stop moving that birthdate up PR people!)…

5. Posted by: scorpio87

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..look at her old turkey neck. Heaven forbid if i ever started stripping at her age, gross.
Her poor kids.

6. Posted by: 01boo

WARNING!! granny with her kit off!!!

7. Posted by: Imber

It’s like watching my mum dance around in her skivvies.

8. Posted by: Bimba

Enough of these dinosaurs! There’s need of musical renewal; at this point it’s much better Beth Ditto: younger, new, really outrageous and not slave to the look, dresses, fashion and things like that. Let me tell, at 50 Madonna is a horrific sight!

9. Posted by: funkenstein

Time to retire Granny. Ever heard of growing old gracefully?

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