Bill Clinton Blames Blacks

April 23, 2008

Former President Says Black People Pulled Race Card On Them During Election

April 22. 2008

Bubba blabbering about blacks at end of tape says: “I don’t think I can take any s**t on that from anybody, do you”

Bill Clinton has blamed black people for the fiasco that is his wife’s presidential campaign, stating we pulled the race card on him. Not true, Mr. Clinton. You and your wife, Hillary Clinton, brought race into the election.

It began when she made those inconsiderate comments about the late Martin Luther King jr. Then you made demeaning statements about Jesse Jackson.

Bill Clinton sounding very bitter against blacks

When people began taking Barack Obama seriously and your wife began to lose votes, you both grew desperate and started saying inconsiderate things in trying to remind the nation that Obama is a black man. We know. We can see that. Yes, in bright lights he looks a little pasty sometimes, but we know he’s a black dude. Let it go.

Hillary Clinton

You ran a poor campaign and offended black people, who supported you for many years, even through the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

I am not prejudice, never have been. I’d vote for a black, white, Hispanic, Asian or Indian person, if I believed they are decent and best suited to the post. And do remember, many blacks voted you into the White House and Hillary into Congress.

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