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Anna Nicole Smith’s Mom Virgie Arthur Sues TMZ

April 23, 2008

Hahaha (OK, Yea, That Was Mature Of Me)

April 23. 2008

Anna Nicole Smith

The late Anna Nicole Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur, is suing TMZero and a few bloggers for defamation and libel, stating they cost her custody of her grandchild, Danielynn, due to the things they wrote.

I don’t know what the other bloggers wrote, but I remember what TMZ published online and they provoked this legal slap.
The indie bloggers should be careful of what they write. Learn to use the word “allegedly” unless you can back stuff up.

It’s one thing to say “I don’t like her” as that’s within your legal right. But to say “she is a liar” would be another story, if you can’t prove it.

For example, you can write, “The actor is allegedly a crackhead” and it will fly, while all the while you’re sitting at your computer thinking, “This dude is smoking rocks and needs rehab pronto.”

Harvey “King Of Crude” Levin

But back to TMZ. I have written about them before. They print the most defamatory, inflammatory, invasive, flagrant fluff, replete with slurs and crude jokes, then try to lean back on editor Harvey Levin’s law degree, when it’s gotten the dubious dummy into trouble before:

For years, he was a legal reporter on KCBS-TV in Los Angeles where he reported on the O.J. Simpson murder trial. In 1994, Levin almost caused murder charges against Simpson to be tossed out when he presented a video on KCBS-TV that allegedly showed prosecutor Marcia Clark searching Simpson’s home before a search warrant was issued. Within days, Levin was forced to retract the story and apologize on air.



Regarding Virgie, she does not deserve custody of the child over the baby’s biological father. Furthermore, her daughter did not want that.

However, if she can prove she was defamed and libeled by the Defendants, she can sue on that.

Arthur vs Stern Defamation Suit Seeks to Add Add’l Defendants

Arthur’s attorneys today requested to add additional defendants to the suit. Those persons/entities are as listed in the filing, Bonnie Stern, the sister of Howard K. Stern, TMZ Productions, Inc. and its managing editor Harvey Levin, Nelda Turner the owner of the website RoseSpeaks and Art Harris an Atlanta, Georgia based professional journalist.

Arthur’s attorney Neil McCabe of the O’ Quinn Law Firm is asking the court to add the additional parties by March 28, 2008.


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