Katie Price: I Don’t Write My Books

April 22, 2008

Nutty Madonna’s Nutty Friend That Stole Copyrights From My Catalog And Named Her Kid After My Dad, Disowns Her Rip Off Books

Note: Madonna’s commissioned hacker has been trying to alter then delete this article when my computer caught him breaking into the system again, trying to prevent it from going online. If the site gives you difficulty, it is due to the illegal hacking.

Katie Price A/K/A Jordan making a fool of herself at her book signing (how many authors do you know do things like that at a book signing?)

Last week, nude model and Madonna Kabbalah pal, Katie Price, also known as Jordan, made an announcement that baffled many online, as they were taken aback at the dishonesty of what she said.

Price, a not so bright model known in Britain for stripping, nude photos, getting drunk and high profile relationships with soccer players, disowned her books last week, that she previously claimed she authored herself.

She is also known for being careless and negligent with her helpless, legally blind 5 year old son, Harvey, leading to two separate, bloodcurdling incidents last year.

The first injury happened when she left him unattended, he got into a bathtub and accidentally turned on scalding hot water on himself. Based on published accounts, the skin and flesh on the poor child’s legs were hanging off, and he had to be rushed to the hospital.

The second incident occurred when a huge mirror fell on him and broke his nose, requiring another trip to the hospital. Britain’s child services have since been out to her property for an inquiry.

When she’s not leaving him in situations where he gets seriously injured, she’s teaching him how to swear, with him telling his step-dad, singer Peter Andre, things like “fu*k off” on camera.

When she’s not doing that, she’s masturbating in public with sex toys, fully aware the paparazzi are around, flashbulbs going off, with the photos ending up on mainstream blogs shortly after. This is Katie Price in a nutshell, with the operative word being nut.

Yet, all of a sudden she claimed she was a writer of novels and children’s books that just happen to be dead rip offs of PREEXISTING copyrighted book manuscripts, apart of my Copyrighted Catalog, containing containing 10,000 songs, 300 movie scripts and short stories, 15 book manuscripts, 200 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 150 photo treatments, a perfume line and clothing line.

My catalog has a lot of work in it and it should, as it took me roughly two decades to complete it, and these animals with Madonna leading the charge, criminally raided it like common lowlife trash raised in caves by wolves.

Katie Price’s recent comments in disowning her books, affirmed what I alleged last year in that she’d ripped off my copyrights. Therefore, I was not surprised at her confession.

Newsflash: simpletons don’t write books. They don’t even try to read them. Her speech and conduct show her to be unintelligent and devoid of morals.

Last September 2007 in my United Nations Human Rights abuse complaint that has been proving itself to be 100% true here, here, here and here, I accused Katie Price of criminal copyright infringement in stealing from my preexisting copyrighted books.

Not only is she a pal of habitual copyright thief Madonna, who is the criminal that illegally procured a copy of my copyrighted catalog, unlawfully used items from it without permission and began passing it around for payment and favors, in the old, nasty Hollywood tradition of thievery, Katie Price is signed as a singer to Sony/BMG, who landed on this web site before all the thefts that came out through their company occurred.


One of the preexisting copyrighted books you ripped off from my catalog goes with a film, and both items far exceed your net worth in value, many times over. So, you’ve got a massive problem on your hands, as I have no intention of settling with you, Ms. Price, and every intention of pressing forward with criminal charges. You also devalued said book, with cheesy, pathetic, tawdry flourishes that desecrated it.

You dealt in stolen goods, committed fraud and criminal copyright infringement. Claiming ignorance as to where the copyrights you illegally used came from won’t save your silicone butt. You are in a lot of legal trouble.

Widely read OK! magazine issue, featuring Katie Price on the front, where she named her child the same uncommon name as my dad

First Katie Price said she was going to name her new baby “Crystal,” which is the name of one of the lead characters in the book she stole from my copyrighted catalog. Then she changed her mind and named the baby after my dad.

The mere fact that it was reported in the press that you had named your new baby “Bunny” which has been my dad’s stage name for the past 40 years (www.bunnygoodison.com) and his nickname since childhood (his real name is Vaughn) says you knew what was going on with the criminal copyright infringement and willfully took part in it for unearned financial enrichment and undeserved accolades (like the award you won for the book you criminally stole from my copyrighted catalog).

What’s also telling is when my father and I started joking about your choice of name for the child and it got around, with him stating, “She will soon learn that’s not a nice name to give a child” you changed the baby’s name to Princess a few weeks after announcing to the world the child’s name was “Bunny.” But it was already in the press for weeks via your declaration, that you’d named the baby “Bunny” which under the circumstances with the copyright thefts, is quite twisted and weird.


Jordan and Peter Andre Have Bunny Issues!

They named their baby girl, at last……Jordan has started a writing career and given birth to a baby girl, whom she was supposed to name Crystal after one of her books.. .

That was a poor choice of name, to say the least, but it’s quite common, so it did not stir up media attention. Probably Jordan was disappointed in that, so the couple decided to rename the baby to a more…alternative name, such as Bunny. This is no rumor folks! The story appeared on OK! magazine’s front cover, along with some other info on Katie, such as dramatic weight loss and post-natal depression. Hmm…about that weight-loss I remember her saying to Sky news something along the lines of “skinny girls like Nicole Richie and Teri Hatcher look too thin and gaunt. It’s just not nice”. What ever happened to that idea? http://news.softpedia.com

“Peter Andre and Jordan call daughter Bunny”

Beautiful? Crystal? Nope….

Peter Andre and Jordan have reportedly decided to name their new baby ‘Bunny’.

Before the birth, the couple said their little girl would be called Crystal, but they seem to have changed their minds.

The glamour model, 29, and her singer husband, 34, picked the name a few weeks after the birth of their second child, according to Hollywood gossip Perez Hilton.

Jordan – real name Katie Price – became a mum for the third time on 29 June. Her eldest boy Harvey, fathered by footballer Dwight Yorke is 5 and second son Junior is 2. http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk

Not to mention, your publisher has come up in my web site stats as well, BEFORE the thefts of copyright occurred. Why were they on the site of an indie singer/writer? Could it be because you all are in criminal possession of a copy of my copyrighted catalog, passed to you by Madonna, that you went on to illegally use.

So to recap, you stole preexisting copyrights from me, then sickly named your child after my father and your record label and book publisher came up as visitors to this web site before the thefts of copyrights occurred, when they shouldn’t have even known who I am.

That crazy conduct has Kabbalah written all over it. That Kabbalah cult’s beliefs run from members such as Lindsay Lohan stealing a model’s clothes, as the cult believes such conduct will enable you to soak up the person’s aura, hence Britney Spears constantly switching clothes with people she meets in clubs, to sending out a mandate to members to “steal copyrights” from religious authors, according to Radar Magazine.

Jordan has admitted she does not write her own books.

The glamour girl – real name Katie Price – has published autobiographies, adult fiction and children stories under her name, but has confessed she doesn’t actually put pen to paper.

Jordan said: “I don’t actually write them, I say how I want the story.” – http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk

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