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FBI Knew About London Bombing Plot 1 Year In Advance

April 22, 2008

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Last week on April 16, 2008 in my Judiciary Report article How Much Did The FBI Know And When I wrote:

“How much did the FBI know about the suspects in the London bombings before it happened? It was uncovered the FBI knew about some of the suspects in the September 11th bombings in advance, before it happened. Therefore, how much did they know about the suspects in the London bombings before it happened?

I have to ask, as the criminal negligence present in 9/11 left many bewildered, as to why FBI headquarters in Washington stonewalled its own agents that wanted to investigate suspicious people related to the bombings, before it happened.” – April 16, 2008

Mohammed Babar

THREE days later, on April 19, 2008, the truth came out in a British trial, via Mohammed Babar, who stated he gave the FBI warnings ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE about that terror plot and the terrorists who went on to do the bombings, but the Bureau failed to do anything about it.

Regarding FBI director Robert S. Mueller, how do you justify your terribly negligent conduct. Many people lost their lives on two continents in 9/11 (America) and 7/7 (Britain) and in each case, you were given dire, detailed warnings well in advance, yet amazingly and suspiciously failed to do anything to stop it.

I ask, in all seriousness and disgust at your conduct, what are you there for then. Your criminally negligent ways are becoming more and more known to the public and they are not impressed, but are appalled.

British PM Gordon Brown

If I were head of state of a country and someone like you caused the deaths of many through criminal negligence, I would have you removed and incarcerated for the senseless loss of life that occurred as a result of your conduct and wanton disregard for the lives of others.

If your family was in danger and about to perish and another human being sat idly by, having been given sufficient warning, you would be enraged. Yet you’ve done this to thousands of people, whose families’ lives are now permanently altered, having lost them to terrorist incidents that could have been prevented by you, but inexplicable were not.

You are a public menace. Then had to gall to slam the British government in the paper a week and a half ago for not using plea deals to catch terrorists.

I think plea deals are terrible. Since when did the United States negotiate with terrorists, as that’s not been the policy, and essentially that’s what a plea deal is – a negotiation.

George Bush

For example, Mueller’s pitiable plea deals have led to 99% of the criminals in the Anthony Pellicano case getting away in conduct that is positively illegal. Countless articles by various writers are slamming that farce of a trial. Something tells me that case is going to be revisited one day and to your shame, Robert “I’m hiding FBI evidence of stars committing serious crimes” Mueller.

Once again, you need to step down for the safety of the country, as your conduct is inexcusable. The Bush administration has left a miscreant to watch the store that’s fallen asleep at the door.

All you care about is the FBI’s budget, millions of which you have spent and not accounted for, turning in receipts to Congress with the label “miscellaneous.” As history has shown, more terror attacks means more Congressional taxpayer money for you to play with. Meanwhile, you just let those people die!

“I told FBI about ringleader before 7/7 bombings, says al-Qaeda man Mohammed Babar”

April 19, 2008 – The FBI was warned that the ringleader of the July 7 bombers attended a jihad training camp with other British Muslims a year before he carried out the London attacks, a court heard yesterday.

Mohammed Junaid Babar, a convicted supporter of al-Qaeda, said that Mohammad Sidique Khan attended the camp in Pakistan in July 2003 with one of the men accused of conspiring with the bombers.”


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