Silence Of The Lambs

April 19, 2008

Mariah Carey’s Fans She Named “Lambs” Turn On Her With Boos At An Event

Mariah Had A Little Lamb, Little Lamb…

April 18. 2008

I’m not gonna lie, I had a laugh at the next story. Apparently, Mariah Carey has no respect for other people’s time and showed up 2 hours late to a signing in New York. According to TMZero, her fans, who she calls “Lambs” let her have it, booing her upon arrival.

This round of press interviews for her poor new album “E=MC2” will undoubtedly include her griping about her usual:

a.) What a terrible man her ex-husband Tommy Mottola is, even though he made her more famous than she should have been, using payola, chart rigging, too much of Sony’s budget, which other artists griped about, and covered for her time and time again, settling cases when she ripped of various other artists’ copyrighted music (seven separate lawsuits from known and lesser known acts).

b.) What a hardship it’s been for her being biracial, as that’s clearly the only thing that defines her and she is the only biracial person in existence. There are millions of biracial people in the world and I haven’t found one more hung up on it than you.

It’s not that hard, but you make it sound dysfunctional. All the biracial people I know are well adjusted, but you act like it’s an impairment or some rift in space and time. If you can’t see past your color, how do you expect other people to. Like Michael Jackson said, “It doesn’t mater if you’re black or white.” Ok, maybe Michael’s not the best example on this.

Tommy “The Don” Mottola

If you want to make your interviews interesting, you know what you could do, talk about your ex-husband’s ties to the mafia. Oh wait, that’s right, you’d get shot. Never mind.

In closing, remember last month when I wrote about Mariah Carey and her obsession with Hello Kitty. Well, she’s at it again. Check out the Hello Kitty bandaid on the almost 40 year old singer this week:

Hello Kitty bandaid spotted here

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